Hi, David here! I'm (as of October 2016) an LSAT tutor, a 1L at NYU School of Law, a comedian, a coffee enthusiast, and a big ol' nerd.

After graduating from Princeton in 2014, I worked primarily in the arts - but, in 2015, I took stock of my skills, my passions, and my values, and seriously committed myself to a life in the law.

As I prepared to apply, I came to love the LSAT - so much so that I also wanted to learn how to teach it. While I scored a 175 myself (a score in the 99th percentile), I was frustrated by the lack of clear information in the test-prep market, and the rigidity of most of the materials out there. 

It's me! Hi. 

It's me! Hi. 

For both myself and my students, I've found that the most interesting and useful part of LSAT test-prep was understanding what the test is actually about. By going "back to basics" and emphasizing a flexible and calming approach, I've seen a lot of improvement in myself and for my students.

The best part is that the methods I use (showcased on this site) are entirely adaptable to any of the major test prep companies' materials. I've worked with students who have prepared using almost every major brand - and also know many of the issues inherent to each brand that trip students up. 


If you'd like to work with me one-on-one, click the button above or shoot me an email at david@ZenLSAT.com and we can schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation. For now, I work from the New York metro area, but I also teach online through Skype and Google Hangouts. 


Available upon request - but I promise I can beat the competition :) Email david@ZenLSAT.com