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Resource Roundup! May 23

As Chance the Rapper would say - "and we back"! We're in the final stretch for the June LSAT, so here are a few treats to guide you through the final days. 


1843 Magazine, from the Economist, is back with their second issue! Definitely check out this brilliant piece on how smartphone tech and changing consumer appetites are changing the fashion industry. If you're like me, you're...less-than-knowledgeable about the current state of high style, and reading about it in this piece will stretch your horizons. 


I have a bad habit of starting several books at once and reading through them in parallel - a chapter here, a chapter there. Thankfully, my current books all stand out from one another, and none more so than Wanderer, Sterling Hayden's delightful, rambling autobiography. Part tell-all of one of Hollywood's greatest leading men (and greatest critics), part memoir of a year spent as a fugitive at sea, Wanderer will keep your head spinning (and deciphering Hayden's nautical lexicon will drive you to focus on structure and make you apply your reasoning skills). 


Sleep! I mentioned this last time, but I can't stress it enough - getting enough sleep is crucial, both for your prep and test-day performance. Plenty of studies talk about how sleep deprivation yields the same effects as drinking for motor vehicle use, and you wouldn't take the LSAT drunk, would you? So, grab some over-the-counter sleep aid ("Melatonin +" by Nature's Own is great), and hit the hay. The test prep will still be there when you wake up. 


Psyching yourself out before the test can happen in a number of ways, whether it's letting one bad prep-test get to you or hearing about somebody else who choked. But the inverse can also happen; getting cocky and sabotaging your prep can be just as dangerous. 

The only way to avoid these pitfalls is to take the long view. You've been preparing for the test for a long time - while it's never to late to sharpen up, you need to recognize that the best thing you can do is let yourself run the race you've been preparing to run.

So, stay sharp, get enough exercise and sleep(!), keep your mind calm, and crush it out there. 

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