Kicking Off!

Welcome to Zen LSAT's soft launch! After a month of writing and structuring, I'm thrilled to offer up this new LSAT-learning and law school application resource. My aim is to help you regain a sense of agency over (and serenity during) your test-prep journey. 

While I'm still building up some of our resources (the battlestation will be fully operational April 1), most of our material is ready to go - and so am I! You should start learning what we're about by checking out our mission and our approach to learning. If you want to learn more about my own journey to the 99th percentile, you can do that too. 

Starting Monday, I'll begin sending out our weekly newsletter Keep Calm, which will be chock full of supplemental resources, links to hot takes on the test and the law, and my own musings on the eternal questions of "why law? why now?" Sign up here, and unsubscribe any time (thanks, Mailchimp!) I'll also do my best to answer questions from readers - email me at to ask! 

So, welcome again. I say it better elsewhere, but - you should feel like you're in control of the LSAT, because your background, past experiences, and passion are just as important as your ability to plow through a test-prep book. I'm here to help you feel more in control.