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Getting ready to take the LSAT can be completely disorienting and disheartening. Consultants and tutors want to sell you their time. Test prep companies want you to depend on their dogmatic approaches, promising you that they have the secret methods and will get you "guaranteed results". Other students want to intimidate you with how many hours they've spent and practice tests they've taken. 

Basically, you'll start to see that there's a lot of bullshit out there. 

You don't deserve bullshit, and you don't deserve to wander alone. You deserve a test prep approach that's as flexible and adaptable as you are. You deserve a guide to the madness. 

ZenLSAT's goal is to provide that guide, and to give you an approach that affirms your experience on the journey to a great score, provides deeper insight into what the LSAT is actually testing, and helps guide you to resources and approaches that fit you.

I've been tutoring prospective law students from nontraditional backgrounds for some time now, and constantly felt the need for material that reflected this more flexible approach - so I decided to make it myself.  Over time, I hope to grow this site into the test-taker's main ally, and welcome your feedback to improve anything and everything on this site. 

Many instructors embrace the test's reputation as the colonoscopy of a legal education - long, fraught, and unpleasant, something to buckle down and "get through". My goal is to make it clear that, even when you’re in the shit, something interesting is going on, in the test and in your mind. I hope this website helps illuminate that.  

-David Drew

Photo by  Manuel Inglez

Photo by Manuel Inglez


Learn more about David, Zen LSAT's mission, why there's all this zen hooey, and our approach to taking charge of LSAT study. 

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Photo by   Manuel Inglez

Photo by Manuel Inglez


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